Cloud Development

We currently assist Microsoft Corporate Clients in migrating their servers to cloud based solutions, securely bridged to their corporate network. Our services include:

Cloud Offerings:

  • Cloud Assessment and Consulting Services
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Application Migration
  • Cloud Application Integration
  • Cloud Platform Expertise
  • Windows Azure Application Development
  • Disaster Recovery Cloud Service (DRaaS)
  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Development and Assurance Service
  • Hosted Enterprise System Management (ESM)
  • Managed services for a cloud environment
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Our Services Key features Include:

  • SaaS Application Development
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Cloud Advisory and Migration
  • Application Maintenance in Cloud
  • Cloud Security and Compliances
  • Cloud Performance and Monitoring

With the high cost of upgrading hardware more and more enterprises are looking to cloud based solutions to meet their needs. The end user can access the servers via RDP and connect with little awareness that they are working on a VM Virtual Machine. Cloud based solutions are a particularly logical choice for a development or UAT environment

We are able to select a location geographically close to the end users to help resolve connection issues. We can either support your current cloud environment or host on leased space with one of our colocation partners.

Developing and deploying applications on the cloud needs proper planning and cautious assessment for scalability, capacity, security and integration with cloud applications. Whether you need a web cloud application, desktop application, our cloud application developers and architects will assist your cloud application development initiatives in the right direction. After your application is deployed we can stay on to support your team, or can provide cross training and hand-off the application to you with the knowledge that if you need us we are just a phone call away. A cloud environment can be part of your disaster recovery procedures by having a virtual server on standby with replicated data in the event you encounter a outage in your facility.

The Full Details

Due to our extensive experience and expertise in the development of Business Application Services, NWCSI has more experience than many in this endeavor:

Cloud Assessment and Consulting Services:

Cloud Consulting and Assessment Services are available for customers who have comparatively little knowledge about the cloud environment or for customers looking for the possibilities for cloud solutions in their application portfolio. Our services provide thorough analysis of your existing systems and help for a consecutive transition to the cloud environment.

Cloud Application Management Services:

As part of this offering, NWCSI helps its customers in the support and development, SaaS (Software as a Services) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions on cloud platforms like (Amazon Web Services / Microsoft Azure/ IBM Bluemix etc) and multiple technologies with a careful consideration for the cloud oriented details in design and development phases.

Cloud Migration Services:

Our migration services, particularly target migrating applications from On-Premise solutions or existing infrastructure to the cloud environment using PaaS/ IaaS / SaaS based service models and increasingly enhancing the solution, considering the functional requirement of the business, leveraging other cloud services. The majority of our work has been with Microsoft the last 16 years and we are very adept at Microsoft Applications through the various OS Builds, SQL Versions, Share Point and other Microsoft applications that have frequent new releases.

Cloud Integration Services:

As enterprises are implementing cloud based applications, integrating environments is a vital piece for connecting these applications considering subsequent scenarios:

  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Cloud to On-Premise
  • Cloud to Cloud

We have a well-defined approach for Hybrid Solutions and cloud integration services using Service Bus/BizTalk Services, custom APIs, or 3rd Party products such as Informatica Cloud, IBM cast Iron, and Dell Boomi. We are working currently with Hyper V, Azure, GSX Server and VM Ware.

Cloud Hosting Services:

Cloud hosting services offer enterprise level of services for promptly migrating business application using lift and shift approach. Cloud Hosting can be provided for diverse deployment such as Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud.

Partnership with Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s)

Partnership with the CSP’s assists us offer technical support, training, marketing, and sales activities for the technology. Cloud Service Providers and Co-Location Facilities generally have a limited SLA limited to network, power and repair of equipment. They commonly partner with companies like NWCSI to cover the gaps in application support and troubleshooting. We provide experienced Tier 2 and Tier 3 application and assist your development team with blocking issues that are beyond their experience. Few Developers have an engineering and network background to isolate a blocking issue. Having an independent extra set of eyes in regard to security is a very important part of keeping your applications secure.