About Us

NWCSI was founded in 2000 with a mission to provide reliable and affordable IT solutions consulting to enterprises across the globe. Our main purpose is to provide stable affordable IT solutions to our clients that create value to the marketplace. We recognize the significance of fostering relationships that reflect our culture of strong ethics and respect. We believe that our deep-rooted value system has assisted us to become a leading IT solutions consulting provider among our peers.

The company was founded by a US Marine Officer with extensive experience in communication networks in complex and harsh environments.

Our core competencies include:

There are few significant areas where we could add value:

  • Provide cost-efficient and robust enterprise-level web applications
  • Efficient development of custom applications on .NET platform
  • Developing new business application from scratch
  • Help you migrate current applications to .NET platform
  • Capable of Developing Enterprise Content Management System on Microsoft SharePoint

NWCSI began in the gold rush days of the .com era in Seattle, WA. In the early days we helped companies get their mail order catalogs online and train their sales team on how to use email and make the transition to online marketing. Our founder was asked to look over the infrastructure of Microsoft’s Evangelist Sales division in 2000 and was soon managing all of the demos that Microsoft Field Sales division was using to present Enterprise Level Solutions to large corporations and partners. After successfully established a firm reputation at Microsoft, Volt Information Services partnered with NWCSI as they realized the success of their business depending on having IT management services on site with strong operations experience. Throwing a contractor into a large corporation without successful mentors to get them started was resulting in an unsatisfactory experience for their contractors and for the clients.

It is difficult to keep pace with technology. As a preferred service provider for Microsoft, NWCSI has a lot of experience with Microsoft applications and the fast rate of change in the field. As Microsoft leads the initiative to move to the Cloud we are quick to provide migrations IT support and as a result continue to stay a leader in service. Our proficiency has helped enterprises meet the challenges of critical performance requirements, exponential data growth, and high usability expectations. We believe that with our expertise- technical, managerial and functional and proven track record – we can execute projects of enterprise and deploy them to the huge community of users.

IT Solutions Consulting

NWSCSI has a strong team that have breadth of experience to help streamline projects and to avoid blocking issues. Our team is composed of seasoned individuals with a broad sets of skills. Each employee has a passion for their work and is eager for new challenges.

IT Solutions Consulting, Share Point, SQL Development, Tier 1 to 3 Operations Support, Virtualization, and Staffing Solutions are just a few of the offerings we bring to the table. We have a team of highly motivated and efficient professionals having great expertise in creating custom solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. We provide IT solutions for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint 2013. We have lots of experience in Migration and have been very successful in data recovery and reengineering.

We are firmly committed to being a consultant and mentor to our clients and provide custom IT solutions and solid procedures to ensure success for the client. We have been extremely successful at blending the talents that the client has internally with a counterpart that can do the heavy lifting when it is required. We also developed relationships with development companies that did not have the internal engineering resources to do a stable build out and set up an appropriate hosting environment and infrastructure to house their applications.